“The Whisper Live From Las Vegas” DVD coming soon!

On May 18, 2007, The Whispers will create a masterpiece of a live performance of their major hits at Texas Station Hotel Casino in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada: a DVD of their concert to be available on July 31, 2007.
The first of its kind, this DVD is expected to quickly become a “Collector’s” item to be cherished by thousands of fans for years to come. Unlike many groups who'd broken through in the 70’s and 80s, The Whispers’ music was unaffected by the onslaught of disco and Rap; they were neither old wave nor new wave, they were just The Whispers.
You will now be able to enjoy the Whispers in the comfort of your home while they sooth you, rock you, and mesmerize you with their past and present hits, ‘Rock Steady”, “Olivia”, “As the Beat Goes On”, “BUTTA”, “Get It On”, “Say Yes” and many more. The same concert will also be available on a CD. An order form has been provided for your use. We will be providing ongoing updates as the release draws near.
On the order form, list the items you are ordering by its designated number. Add $2.50 for shipping and handling. And $1.00 if you are using a credit card. If you are ordering at a concert, a receipt will be provided. If you are mailing or faxing your order, keep a copy for yourself. You can call or email the marketing dept at any time to check on the status of your order. Once the DVD “Live” is available, it will be shipped out immediately. The other items should be shipped within 3-5 days from the date we receive your order. The address you list is the one where the items will be shipped. If you are using a credit card, the address must match the one on your card or it cannot be processed. If you want to use a different “shipping” address, note it on the order form. Be sure to PRINT NEATLY.

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